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'''''Barney Live! In New York City''''' (Originally titled '''''Barney Live! At Radio City''''') is a Barney live show that was performed at [[wikipedia:Radio City Music Hall|Radio City Music Hall]] in [[wikipedia:New York City|New York City]] from March 5-13, 1994. It was later released on video on August 3, 1994, which became the first Barney video in the [[Classic Collection]] series.


Barney and his friends take the stage to delight and entertain everyone at Radio City Music Hall. They all work together to make a special surprise for the audience using items from "The Barney Bag". But before they are able to share it, a new visitor, The Winkster, sneaks away with the bag! Throughout the show, the kids are trying to catch The Winkster The chase takes everyone to "Barney's Imagination Circus" with fun-loving clowns and some dancing bears. After the circus ends, the chase continues. The Winkster later confesses that he took the bag in order to make friends. Barney and the gang forgive him for his misdeeds and remind him that he just needs to ask to be friends. Barney then unveils the surprise to the audience: a glittered stuffed heart. He asks everyone to use their imaginations to make the heart bigger. After the unveiling of the the bigger heart, Barney, BJ, Baby Bop, Winkster, and the kids wrap up the show with "Everyone is Special".


(In Order of Appearance)

* The Announcer ([[Charles Edward Hall]])

* [[Barney]] (Voice: [[Bob West]], Costume: [[David Joyner]] / [[Carey Stinson]])

* [[Kathy]] ([[Lauren King]])

* [[Julie]] ([[Susannah Wetzel]]) [[File:Barney4d.gif|thumb|Poster Cover]]

* [[Derek]] ([[Rickey Carter]])

* [[Carlos]] ([[Corey Lopez]]) (debut)

* [[Kelly]] ([[Rebecca Wilson]]) 

* [[Tosha]] ([[Hope Cervantes]])

* [[Min]] ([[Pia Hamilton|Pia Manalo]])

* [[Shawn]] ([[John David Bennett II]])

* [[Baby Bop]] (Voice: [[Julie Johnson]], Costume: [[Jeff Ayers]])

* [[The Winkster]] ([[David Voss]] / [[Ashley Wood]]) 

* [[BJ]] (Voice: [[Patty Wirtz]], Costume [[Jeff Brooks]])

* Marching Band Musicians

* Monkeys

* Clowns

* Teddy Bears


===Act 1===

#[[Barney Theme Song]]

#[[The More We Get Together]]

#[[Mr. Knickerbocker]]

#[[Ring Around the Rosie]]

#[[My Yellow Blankey]]

#[[The Barney Bag]]

#[[The Winkster (song)|The Winkster's Song]]

#[[She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain]]

#[[BJ's Song]]

#[[Take Me Out to the Ball Game]]

#Rain Medley: ([[Rain, Rain, Go Away]]/[[It's Raining, It's Pouring]])

#[[If All the Raindrops]]

#[[And the Green Grass Grows All Around]]

#[[I Am a Fine Musician]]

===Act 2===

<ol start="15">

<li>[[Boom, Boom, Ain't It Great to Be Crazy?]]</li>

<li>[[The Wheels on the Bus]]</li>

<li>[[Three Little Monkeys]]</li>

<li>[[Do Your Ears Hang Low?]]</li>

<li>[[The Airplane Song]]</li>

<li>[[Me and My Teddy]]</li>

<li>[[Five Little Ducks|Four Little Ducks]]</li>

<li>[[My Aunt Came Back]]</li>

<li>[[London Bridge]]</li>

<li>Star Medley: ([[Twinkle Twinkle Little Star]]/[[Star Light, Star Bright]])</li>

<li>[[Please and Thank You]]</li>

<li>[[Everyone is Special]]</li>


==Gallery ==

=== Releases ===


192786.jpg|Original Release (1994) 

Barneyliveuk.png|Original UK Release (1995)

Babsfd.jpg|Original Spanish Release (1995)|Another Spanish Release (Unknown)/Original Spanish DVD Release (Unknown) 

Asfasf.PNG|Another Spanish Release (1998)/Spanish VHS Re-Release (1998)/Spanish Re-Release (1998) 


== Trivia ==

* This live show marked:

** The only major live show, not to tour.

** The first time that Barney is partially-performed by Carey Stinson on home video. Stinson was ''Barney's Double'', used for only "quick changes". Stinson had previously done live appearances as the purple dinosaur and would continue to do so until he replaced David Joyner in 2001 on the TV series.

** The first appearance of Carlos who would later return as a main character in [[Season 3]]. 

** The only appearances of Kelly and The Winkster. Rebecca Wilson (Kelly) would later return as a dancer in [[Barney's Colorful World!|''Barney's Colorful World!'']]. 

** The only time Derek and Carlos appear together. 

** The last actual time Derek is a regular cast member. He would later return with Tina as special guests in the Season 3 episode, "[[On the Move]]". 

** The final video appearances of the 1993-1994 Baby Bop costume and the 1994 BJ costume. They would later be used in Barney books and other live appearances.

** BJ's first concert.

* "[[I Love You]]" wasn't sung in order to give the show its own identity. While a lawsuit in 1994 didn't help matters, the Barney team wasn't barred from using the tune.

* All of the dialogue (including that of Barney and the other dinos) was live for every performance, unlike future Barney shows. The songs, however, were prerecorded.

* Some songs from this live show were featured in the [[Barney's Favorites Vol. 2|''Barney's Favorites Vol. 2'']] album. Specifically, the songs, "[[My Yellow Blankey]]", "[[BJ's Song]]", "[[The Barney Bag]]", and "[[My Aunt Came Back]]".

*During "[[Please and Thank You]]", BJ lip-syncs to the lyrics, though he does not sing the song.

*After the "Please and Thank You" song, a camera angle shows Kelly giving her sign to someone backstage.

*According to a ''Variety'' review, Min was absent from the March 6 performance.

*The circus scenes were included as a bonus feature on the [[Barney's Super Singing Circus|''Barney's Super Singing Circus'']] DVD.


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